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signupNorthShoreAlert.org is a mass notification system designed to keep residents and businesses of the Port Washington, NY peninsula, north of northern blvd, informed of emergencies and certain community events.
 By registering with NorthShoreAlert.org, time-sensitive voice messages from the Villages, Town, or Police, Fire, and Water special districts where you live or work may be sent to your home, cell or business phone. Text messages may also be sent to cell phones, e-mail accounts and hearing impaired receiving devices.

The NorthShoreAlert service will be used to supplement current communication plans and augment public safety/first responder services.

Please accept our invitation to participate in this great service. We know that your personal information is important, and rest assured that we will not share it with anyone. Even if you have already received a test phone call from us, you may provide additional contact information by clicking the NorthShoreAlert image to sign up.

For information on how we handle your information, view our privacy policy. For details on how the NorthShoreAlert.org System works and when it will be used, please view the Overview section and Frequently Asked Questions section of this web site. NorthShoreAlert.org is a joint program of your village, the town, and the special districts. You may view a list of participating municipalities by clicking here.



Road and Power update Fri, Feb 26. 530pm

Residents: Here is the 530pm update on power and roads. First: By the time you receive this or shortly thereafter, a 100-home section of Barkers Point Rd should be re-energized. Next: There are active crews at Cedar/Prospect/Plum, Woodland, and South Farm. The estimated restoration time is in the next few hours. Next: There are active crews at Soundview, but they won’t complete till an estimated 1:15am. These last two areas should resolve most of the power outages. It is likely there will still be some remaining spot outages. Next: You must re-report as PSEG may not be aware that they are still down. Note: Please go to NorthShoreAlert.org to update your info, if you haven’t done so. As an example, a traffic alert that affects morning rush will not normally be sent by voice. If you need assistance, you may reply leave a message on 883-0000 or reply to this email. Peter Forman, OEM Commissioner and Deputy Mayor.

Update on roads and power Friday, Feb 26th @1215pm

Residents: Here an important 12:15pm update on roads and power issues. Firstly: Middle Neck Rd is just being cleared and should be open when you receive this message. Next: The major power failure at Barkers Point Rd near Dogwood, which they call a “complex” failure, is expected to be restored by “dinner time”. We think that is likely. That restoration should restore about 20 homes. Next: As of this writing there are still 190 outages. Even if they repair a main circuit, individual homes or smaller branches could still have failures of which PSEG is not aware. We urge you to call them every 2-3 hours, as annoying as that may be. That way, if they restore a main line, and you are still down, they will then be aware. Lastly: An important note, we cannot and do not send all messages by voice. You must register your cell for texting and your email with us to receive ALL of our messages. Please visit NorthShoreAlert.org to refresh your info or add others. Peter Forman, Commissioner Port Washington-Manhasset Office of Emergency Management

Update on roads and power

An update on roads and power: As of 445pm, PSE&G has finally dispatched a crew to clear Middle Neck Rd by the Preserve. We do not expect it to be cleared in time for this evening’s rush hour. As for Barker’s Point Rd and the power issues in that area, it is still not clear whether they will or will not be depowering that section of the village for a prolonged period, and if they do, when that will be. At the moment, BPR, between Sands Point Rd and Dogwood, is now closed. As for other outages, PSE&G is (slowly) making their way through the backlog. That is all for now. Thank you. Peter Forman, Commissioner

Update on road and power losses Feb 25, 2016--very important!

Residents Here is a brief and important update on road and power issues in the Village. 1) Middle Neck Rd, near the Sands Point Golf Club (not the Village Club) is still completely blocked with downed wires and tress. You must use Shore Rd to come to or to leave Sands Point, north of that blockage. We are unable to obtain estimated restoration time. 2) Critically, as we currently understand it, the whole Barkers Point section will lose power later (for emergency restringing of a number of poles) shortly. While there are NO definite time estimates, we are hearing between around 1pm and "dinner time". Please prepare accordingly.

Storm Jonas Update

Here is a brief update on the latest info re storm Jonas. TRAFFIC o The LIRR is shut as of 4pm. o The last westbound PW line train will leave PW for Penn Station at 339pm. o The last eastbound PW line train will leave Penn Station at 348pm. o The Long Island Expressway and Northern State are closed as of 230pm. o All bridges and tunnels closed as of 230pm o Despite some reports that “all roads in southern NY” have been closed, we cannot confirm this. o NYC, though, reportedly has closed “all” roads. o Local roads here are in generally good condition considering the current conditions. o Nonetheless, police urge drivers to stay off the roads for many reasons, including limited visibility. o Conditions are expected to worsen significantly into the night. POWER o There have been relatively few power outages, so far. o As the wind and the snow pick up, that could change. o If you experience an outage, please do not call the police. Call PSEG directly at 800-490-0075. WEATHER o Significant accumulations of snow are still expected to continue—around 12-24” still expected. o Heaviest snows are expected to end sometime around mid-night--as much as 1-3” per hour! o Still high winds with higher gusts. o This forecast may change, of course. o Tomorrow should be beautiful! That is all for now. Peter Forman Commissioner Port Washington-Manhasset Office of Emergency Management

Ruptured Gas Line by St. Peter's Church, Port Blvd closed in both directions

Due to a ruptured gas line PW Blvd is closed in both directions between Sandy Hollow and Longview Road, near St Peters. Please avoid the area. Peter Forman Commissioner, Port Washington-Manhasset Office of Emergency Management

Ruptured Gas Line by St. Peter's Church, Port Blvd closed in both directions

Due to a ruptured gas line PW Blvd is closed in both directions between Sandy Hollow and Longview Road, near St Peters. Please avoid the area. Peter Forman Commissioner, Port Washington-Manhasset Office of Emergency Management

2015 Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot Traffic Alert

Dear Residents, The annual Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot will take place Thursday morning between 8:30am and 10:30am. Some roads may re-open as early as 9:30am, if possible. All residents north of Manorhaven Blvd and Cow Neck Rd will be unable to travel south during the road closures. Also the King Kullen shopping center will only be accessible to Soundview residents during this period. For your info, the race will begin on Manorhaven Blvd. Continue onto Cow Neck Rd. Head south onto Middle Neck Rd and Port Washington Blvd. It will then cut across via Sandy Hollow Rd and Harbor Rd. Then back north onto Shore Rd. And finally back onto Manorhaven Blvd. The race is 5 miles in length and expects over 3000 runners. If you are interested in joining, you can do so at portchest.org Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving, Peter Forman Commissioner Port Washington-Manhasset Office of Emergency Management

Joaquin alert

As you know, 5 days out, Hurricane Joaquin is currently tracking on the same path as Sandy at that same point. While we are hopeful that it will veer off in other directions, some planning is warranted. We urge you to update your email, text, landline, and cell information--for you and your family members--now at NorthShoreAlert.org. As many of you know, during Storm Sandy, NorthShoreAlert was a vital lifeline for the community. Please also forward this message to others who may not already be subscribed. Go to: NorthShoreAlert.org Peter A. Forman Commissioner Port Washington-Manhasset Office of Emergency Management P.S. If you have trouble updating your contact information, please email alert@northshorealert.org