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signupNorthShoreAlert.org is a mass notification system designed to keep residents and businesses of the Port Washington, NY peninsula, north of northern blvd, informed of emergencies and certain community events.
 By registering with NorthShoreAlert.org, time-sensitive voice messages from the Villages, Town, or Police, Fire, and Water special districts where you live or work may be sent to your home, cell or business phone. Text messages may also be sent to cell phones, e-mail accounts and hearing impaired receiving devices.

The NorthShoreAlert service will be used to supplement current communication plans and augment public safety/first responder services.

Please accept our invitation to participate in this great service. We know that your personal information is important, and rest assured that we will not share it with anyone. Even if you have already received a test phone call from us, you may provide additional contact information by clicking the NorthShoreAlert image to sign up.

For information on how we handle your information, view our privacy policy. For details on how the NorthShoreAlert.org System works and when it will be used, please view the Overview section and Frequently Asked Questions section of this web site. NorthShoreAlert.org is a joint program of your village, the town, and the special districts. You may view a list of participating municipalities by clicking here.



Nor'blizzard March 14, 2017

Dear Residents of the Port Washington-Manhasset region-- Although we are confident you are aware of tomorrow's “Nor’blizzard”, just a few facts and reminders: Snow accumulations of 12” to 24” beginning somewhat after midnight tonight. Periods of snowfall at rate of 2” to 3” per hour—mostly ending sometime tomorrow eve. Winds of 25 to 35 mph with gusts to 55. We do not expect widespread power outages. But if you are out, please don’t call the police. Call PSEG at 800-490-0075 Widespread impact on rails and transportation in general. The police will advise that vehicles stay off the road once heavy snow has fallen. Schools are closed. That is all for now. Stay warm and dry! Peter Forman Commissioner Port Washington-Manhasset Office of Emergency Management

2016 Port Washington Thanksgiving Day Run

Dear Residents, The annual Port Washington Thanksgiving Day Run (also known as the Turkey Trot) will take place Thursday morning, November 24. The roads along the following route will be closed at 8:00 am and begin to open at approximately 9:30 am with all roads open at approximately 10:30 am. - The race begins on Manorhaven Blvd at Edgewood Road. - Continues onto Cow Neck Rd. - Then south onto Middle Neck Rd and Port Washington Blvd. - Turning onto Sandy Hollow Rd to Harbor Rd. - Then back north onto Shore Rd. - And finally back onto Manorhaven Blvd. Please note Shore Road northbound will be closed at Central Drive by Baxter Pond Park. All residents north of Manorhaven Blvd and Cow Neck Rd (Sands Point & Manorhaven) will be unable to travel south during the road closures. You can review this info at NorthShoreAlert.org. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to all. Peter Forman Commissioner Port Washington-Manhasset Office of Emergency Management If you are receiving this message by phone, it may be because your email address is not on file at NorthShoreAlert.org.

Hermine Prep

Resdients: Brief reminder. This message in not meant to be alarmist; merely precautionary. Firstly, in terms of the Storm Hermine, unfortunately, it still is not clear how much direct impact it will have on our communities. The biggest risk, historically, is of power outages. Based on current information, unless the storm intensifies or changes path, we expect sporadic losses of power. What that actually means at this point is not clear! Localized flooding is the other risk. And while the impact is unclear, it is recommended to take the following 6 steps now. If there is ongoing construction, secure your job site. It is the law in most areas. Keep PSEG-LI tel number handy, in case of outage: 800-490-0075 Homes and business is very low lying areas should prepare for possible flooding. Update your contact info at NorthShoreAlert.org, for you and your family. Be a friend, forward this email/info to many others in the community in case they are not already signed up. NorthShoreAlert.org Stay tuned for more information, from either the PWM OEM or from your village/town, as warranted. Peter Forman Commissioner Port Washington-Manhasset Office of Emergency Management